Cosmetics Coconut Essential Oil

Posted: November 13th, 2017

How to use Cosmetics Coconut Essential Oil Massage

Coconut butter is extracted from coconuts grown on palm trees, which are grown to a height of 20-25 metres in Asia. The fresh butter is pure white and retains that colour when it goes stable. It has a characteristic slightly
sweet taste. Solid fatty acids have been removed from the coconut butter so that it becomes liquid coconut oil. Coconut in all of its forms is very important to one third of the world’s human population, who use it for food, soaps, cosmetics, hair oils, etc. Most therapeutic massage practitioners and aromatherapists prefer the liquid
fractionated coconut oil to the coconut butter as it has a lighter texture and long shelf life. Fractionated coconut oil as a fraction of the whole oil, in which most of the long-chain triglycerides are removed so that only saturated fats remain. cosmetics massage essential coconut oil
Because it is completely saturated, liquid fractionated coconut oil is even more heat stable than other forms of coconut oil and has a nearly indefinite shelf life. It is an odourless, non-oily, non-staining liquid oil that I believe
should not be used by itself for skin care, but rather should be blended with chilly pressed oils and vitamins. See for the ‘Hardening of fats and oils’.
Liquid fractionated coconut oil gives softness and nourishment to skin and hair care products including hair dressings, soaps, sun care products, body oils and it adds body to massage products. Don’t use in products for
people with oily or large-pored skin as it may clog their pores.

Uses of Coconut Oil
 Coconut oil is a very good emollient for skin care products.
 Excellent in hair conditioners in combination with castor oil.  In hair packs for dry hair.
 It helps to increase hair growth when you have experienced hair loss.  In the countries where coconuts are found, it is used for its beneficial hair care qualities, such as making the hair shiny and glossy.
 It promotes tanning. It has no natural sun filter, but it helps the skin to become brown.
 Because it is a long oil, it gives massage oils extra glide and lubrication so makes it excellent for body massage.  Provides softness and lubricating properties to massage therapy creams and
lotions.  You could utilize it as a bath essential oil alone or if you want the bath oil to have better dispersing characteristics, then mix it with turkey crimson oil (saponified castor oil). coconut massage cosmetics oil essential
 Increase bath salts recipes because the main vegetable essential oil, but combine in with turkey
red oil aswell.  It is absorbed gradually by your skin and includes a soothing influence on sensitive and
irritated skin.  There are many studies which have indicated that the saturated fat in coconut essential oil is metabolised in your body just as as unsaturated fat and, because of this, low density lipoproteins (so-called “bad cholesterol”) will never be increased  because of the intake of coconut essential oil.
 Found in oil-based perfumes because the essential oil keeps well and is normally odourless.
 Because of its fattiness, additionally it is used in protective skincare products such as hand and feet creams or lotions, which protect your skin from the elements.
 Liquid fractionated coconut essential oil is also found in the making of commercially available massage oils, essences and several cosmetics. Fatty Acid (Maximum) Articles of Coconut Essential oil (Liquid Fractionated)
Please note, because the percentages in this illustration are for the utmost quantity of fatty acid articles within coconut oil, they could soon add up to more than 100%.

Swedish Massage Oil Recipeessential cosmetics massage oil coconut
34ml Coconut Oil, Liquid
30ml Jojoba Oil
20ml Sweet Almond Oil
15ml Thistle Oil
1ml/g Vitamin E Oil (undiluted)

Coconut Sports Massage Oil
45ml Coconut Oil, Liquid
15ml Jojoba Oil
5ml Thistle Oil
35ml/g Vitamin E Oil (undiluted)
10 drops Rosemary Antioxidant

Coconut Sports Massage Oil  
35ml Coconut Oil, Liquid
20ml Jojoba Oil
15ml Thistle Oil
5ml Borage Oil
25ml/g Vitamin E Oil (undiluted)
5 drops Rosemary Antioxidant

Swedish Massage Oil
This blend is ideal for sensitive skin.
40ml Coconut Oil, Liquid
30ml Apricot Kernel Oil
20ml Jojoba Oil

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