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Posted: October 5th, 2017


A revolution seeks to redefine beauty as natural and holistic, and more reflective of our needs, emotions, and perceptions. This results in a static, one-size-fits-all philosophy and embraces a broader understanding of diverse humans
Less than a hundred years ago, the dictionary defined beauty as “properties pleasing the eye, the ear, the intellect, the aesthetic faculty, or the moral sense.” Today, the default definition of beauty is narrow, concentrating only on what is pleasing to the attention.
This change has gained momentum because, for a long period, beauty, even natural beauty, has been defined by the mass media, Hollywood, and the globalized beauty industry. And yet, when we think of beauty as outwardly focused-a mask that people put on, or what we should project in order to please others-we make a casino game for ourselves that is impossible to win.
Research shows that for most females, the inner beauty critic arrives at age 14 and is constantly on the erode her self-esteem as she age groups. This erosion has a serious effect on health and wellbeing.
Research also shows that people who accept their looks are more happy and healthier-the stress of fighting who you are can affect your health, which in turn impacts physical beauty. Ask the question “what's beauty?” and you’ll get a variety of different answers. Everybody has a theory. Actually, mankind has been searching for the
answer for a long time. The simple truth is, throughout your life, your own concept of beauty will change.
What was appropriate for you at one age group or stage of life might not be appropriate at another.
WHAT'S Beauty ( Pro aging )essential beauty oil natural skin
The idea that youth equates to beauty is not sustainable in a world where the population is aging. Research implies that fascination with youth potions and invasive surgeries falls off after the age of 50. Older women, it appears, are more interested in looking best for their age than looking eternally young. Also, they are much more likely to try therapeutic beauty treatments, such as massage or facials. These treatments don’t just enhance the appearance, they also embrace the inner self and promote a feeling of well-being.
WHAT'S BEAUTY  of most ages and cultures. It has also triggered a motion away from synthetic and mass-produced cosmetics made from polluting and increasingly scarce petrochemical substances, to those created from safe and sustainable natural substances.
As many of us become environmentally aware, we know that there is no real beauty if the methods to achieve it are ugly. Animal testing, poisonous commercial chemicals, avoidable waste materials, science tests such as GMO or nanotechnology that turn customers into lab rats, and lies on the labels are all ugly.
Our increasing desire for natural splendor, which mirrors an increased knowing of being green, is a positive and uplifting cultural change, and a very important alternative to plastic material beauty.
Concern for what we should put in our anatomies, and a recent trend for natural and wholesome foods, extends into concern for what we should are applying to our bodies. It really is hard to feel healthy when one subsists on the diet of refined and highly processed junk food. It really is just like hard to feel beautiful when one uses ”junk” cosmetics, made out of petrochemicals or synthetic fragrances that some studies say disrupt the body’s hormonal or nervous systems, cause malignancy, provoke allergies, or cause harm to your unborn baby.
Wanting to be certain of what's actually in the products we use has started another revolution in beauty-an interest to make our very own products from known and trusted ingredients. Nature provides a lot of what we have to stay beautiful in the form of healthy unadulterated foods but also by means of ingredients such as luxurious oils and plant extracts-and you might be surprised to find that some of the best beauty ingredients are already in your kitchen pantry.
The recipes and tips in this book show how effective natural products are and ways to use them in your day-to-day life.
Merging these in creative ways provides you total control over just what you are gaining your skin and hair, and is an artwork and a science that is at your grasp.
First and foremost, beauty should be something we do for ourselves, to feel better, to look better, expressing what’s inside us, to occasionally treat and indulge. Real beauty should promote a happier, healthier, more relaxed, more confident and comfortable “you.” Studies also show that our principles of what is beautiful and what we think others find beautiful are often kilometers apart. Reclaiming the idea of natural splendor, then, could be seen as a process of narrowing that gap between who you are on the inside and what others see.

Rose (Rosa damascena)
Rose petals produce a perfect gas with a delicate, uplifting scent and a recovery, rejuvenating effect on the skin. A couple of two main types of rose essential oil-rose absolute, which is solvent-extracted; and increased otto, which is steam-distilled and more costly. Rose also yields a nourishing oil pressed from its seeds, as well as skin-toning floral water.
FLORAL WATER : A by-product of the distillation of essential natural oils, floral water is hydrating and a natural mild antiseptic.
DAMASK ROSE PLANT:  The damask rose (Rosa damascena)  is grown mainly in Bulgaria, Turkey, Pakistan, India, Uzbekistan, Iran, and China. They have a deep, powerfully rosy aroma.
Petals All roses are edible, though the flavor and aroma tend to be more intense in darker varieties.
What Is It Good For REPAIRS AND PROTECTS Pores and skin Rose hip seed oil is great for treating broken capillaries, sun damage, skin redness, scars, and stretch marks. Rub a little amount directly into the problem areas, or dilute a little rose essential oil and apply to the skin.
CONDITIONS AND SOOTHES Pores and skin Antiinflammatory, cooling, and relaxing, rose hip seed oil or diluted gas absorbs quickly and easily and is beneficial for dry, hot, inflamed, itchy, or even broken pores and skin.
TONES Epidermis : Good-quality rose floral water (also called hydrosol) is an excellent skin toner, especially for combination and mature skins. You are able to use it in place of harsher synthetic products to refresh and balance all types of skin. Rose hip seed oil also tones epidermis and minimizes the looks of pores.
TREATS ACNE Rose hip seed essential oil is a source of trans-retinoic acid, which the body turns into vitamin A. This makes it useful for treating acne-prone skine and acne rosacea. COMBATS Indications OF AGING Rose essential oil supports cell and cells regeneration, maintains the elasticity of the skin, and reduces the looks of fine lines around the eyes-making it perfect for both youthful and mature skins.
CABBAGE ROSE PLANT:  The cabbage rose (Rosa centifolia) mostly comes from Morocco, France, Egypt. They have a sugary, delicate aroma. Increased HIP SEED OIL A rich source of omega 3 and omega 6, rose hip seed essential oil can help regenerate mobile membrane and issue, and natural vitamin A.
Eat Yourself Beautiful Petals Often dried and used only for decoration, increased petals are actually edible, as long as they are organic.
Recent research shows these are high in beneficial antioxidants, that assist to battle the symptoms of premature aging. Remove the white foundation, which can be bitter, and float the petals in summer drinks, scatter on desserts or salads, or increase jams and vinegars. Rose petal syrup is delicious over a brand new fruit salad.
Valuable for dry, normal, and mature skin, rose essential oil supports cellular and tissue regeneration.
Make a romantic floral scent by merging rose oil with geranium, palmarosa, cedarwood, and patchouli oils. You can even blend it with sage or lavender oil.

Create ROSE OTTO ESSENTIAL OIL This oil is rich and intense-better quality and more expensive than increased absolute as it is produced by steam extraction. You merely need a few drops to reap the huge benefits.essential oil skin natural beauty
NOURISHING MASSAGE You can use rose hip seed oil neat on your skin, but as goodquality essential oil is expensive, mix it with other good-quality base oils and essential natural oils to make a skin-nourishing massage oil. Add rose gas to massage blends to act as an over-all tonic for cardiovascular and lungs, to aid detox, and also to relieve menstrual pains.
PROVIDES GOOD Fat Increased hip seed oil is one of the best vegetable oil sources of omega 3 and it is also a good source of omega 6, both which get excited about mobile membrane and tissue regeneration.
FIGHTS BACTERIA Rose essential oil is often added to cosmetics, due to its antimicrobial properties. In a single laboratory study, damask essential oil demonstrated antibacterial activity against 15 strains of bacteria.
ENHANCES SENSE OF WELL-BEING Rose gas has been highly valued for centuries because of its ability to lift the soul.
RELIEVES STRESS: Use rose essential oil for aromatherapy when you are feeling stressed or low, have head aches, or are grieving. Studies show it can calm breathing and lower heartrate.

Coconut Cocos nucifera Coconut fruit yields a light, moisturizing, and nourishing essential oil. It is ideal for all skin and hair types but is especially good for soothing and softening dry skin and curly hair. It also comes with an antiinflammatory effect, which can help heal wounds, blisters, and rashes. Coconut dairy and water can also nourish and condition epidermis and hair.
FRUIT: Coconut contains less fat than many seeds and nuts, such as almonds, and less sugar and more protein than popular fruits, such as bananas, apples, and oranges.essential skin oil beauty natural
Good For
CONDITIONS AND SOOTHES SKIN Coconut oil absorbs quickly and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. Utilize it in place of a mineral oil for chapped lips, eczema and dermatitis, and as a shaving oil. Try putting it on to wet skin or with moist hands to help spread it quickly and evenly over large areas of your body.
CLEANSES AND TONES SKIN A great make-up remover, coconut oil cleanses and moisturizes all in one. You can use coconut drinking water as a light pores and skin cleanser and toner to help remove dirt, grease, and blemishes.
NOURISHES HAIR Utilize the oil as an overnight locks mask or pre-shampooing treatment. It helps battle dandruff and restores luster and shine to dry or damaged hair.
Functions AS AN ANTIFUNGAL The fatty acids in coconut essential oil help to prevent fungal and bacterial infections, which makes it an excellent all-purpose salve for healthy fingernails and feet.
TEETH AND GUM Treatment Swish a little amount of coconut oil around in your mouth for 20 minutes - known as “essential oil pulling.”

Spit out when finished. There is no need to rinse afterward. Oil pulling can help to reduce bacteria, control plaque, as well as fight teeth decay and gum infection. Studies have shown that this is really as effective as the mouthwash ingredient chlorohexadine, FRUIT Essential oil for controlling bad breath. Cooking coconut oil smells strongly of coconut and is solid at room heat but melts easily when rubbed between the palms. Fractionated coconut oil does not have any odor, making it a good base for essential oils.
Water From the immature fresh fruit, coconut water has a pure and perfect balance of electrolytes that can help keep the body hydrated better than drinking water.
Organic oil - Stay away from the odorless, flavorless, “pure” sophisticated types, and opt instead for the organic, cold-pressed, virgin oil.
MILK: Obtained primarily by extracting the juice from the white kernel, the milk is rich in beneficial fats. Eat Yourself Beautiful Oil Use in food preparation as a nourishing replacement for butter and other cooking oils. It is very high temperature stable so is a much better choice for cooking food with than many other vegetable oils. Water Coconut water is an excellent drink for aiding hydration and maintaining the pH balance of your body.

Vanilla Pod (Vanilla planifolia)
The vanilla pod is the fruit from the vanilla orchid. Vanilla pod extract has calming and softening qualities and it is abundant with antioxidants, making it well suited for repairing rough or damaged skin. Its antiseptic properties can help to clear acne. Vanilla has long been popular with perfumiers; more recently it has turned into a favorite with cosmetic manufacturers because of its rejuvenating properties.
PLANT Vanilla will not yield an essential oil. Its fragrant vanillin substances can be extracted by solvent or CO2 to create an draw out or an absolute. Immature pod The green pods are dried gradually until they change black. When they start to curl, the pod is preparing to use.
EXTRACT: Obtained by soaking the pod in a remedy of alcohol and water, the extract is the most widely used form of the vanilla beauty essential oil natural
BLACK POD  The cured, dried seed pod contains a stronger taste and aroma than the seeds.
Good For
REPAIRS AND PROTECTS SKIN The extract is perfect for use in face creams because it is rich in antioxidant properties that protect your skin from damage caused by environmental pollutants and toxins.
TREATS ACNE The antibacterial properties of vanilla make it an excellent ingredient in acne treatments. Vanillin, a constituent of vanilla, is antibacterial and helps cleanse your skin, reducing the occurrence of pimples and acne.
CONDITIONS Curly hair Vanilla remove can help soften hair and minimize the looks of split ends. It really is reputed to aid hair growth. RELIEVES PAIN The vanillin in vanilla remove has similar properties to capsaicin in hot peppers and euganols in spices such as cinnamon. Used topically, it has a slight analgesic effect that provides temporary local rest from pain. In Ayurvedic medicine vanilla extract is utilized to alleviate toothache. RELIEVES STRESS Vanilla extract, when added to aromatherapy blends, really helps to
lift feelings of anxiety.
APHRODISIAC Vanilla extract has a euphoric influence on the emotions. This is thought to be responsible for its reputation as an aphrodisiac.

Avocado (Persea gratissima)
Avocados are abundant with minerals and vitamins, healthy excess fat, lecithin, and phytosterols (flower hormones), which can have a healing effect on your body, inside and away. The essential oil is highly moisturizing and revitalizing for the skin. Whether you do eat it or utilize it topically, avocado is deeply nourishing and can help to combat free radicals associated with disease and premature epidermis aging.
FRUIT OIL: This dark green oil is pressed from the flesh of the avocado fresh fruit. Avocado essential oil is delicate and really should be stored in a cool place, in a dark bottle. It's best used at a 12 percent dilution with other carrier oils.
FRUIT : As well as being abundant with vitamins A, B1, B2, D, and E, pantothenic acid, protein, lecithin, and essential fatty acids, avocados are also high in antioxidants.
 Good For: CONDITIONS -> Epidermis AND HAIR Avocado oil helps to hydrate parched skin and aids the regeneration of skin cells. A higher fatty-acid content means the oil is fantastic for conditioning tough skin on ft, knees, or elbows and repairing curly hair damaged by styling, sunlight, or harsh the winter season. It can be employed neat to small regions of very dry skin, but also for everyday use check it out as a 10-25 percent blend with lighter oils as it has a high viscosity. Mash fresh avocado into a smooth paste for a deeply nourishing and soothing facial mask for all those pores and skin types. Leave it on the pores and skin for 20 minutes, then clean off to reveal glowing skin.
REPAIRS AND PROTECTS SKIN Used regularly, avocado oil can assist in preventing or minimize the appearance of stretch marks. Apply  with damp hands straight after your bath or shower.
COMBATS Indications OF AGING Avocado oil provides luster and sparkle to a tired or dull complexion. Essential fatty acids and phytosterols (plant hormones) help replenish and revitalize mature skin.
PROTECTS FROM THE SUN While avocado oil can't be used as a sunscreen on its own, it can boost protection to both skin and hair during sun exposure. The essential oil can also help alleviate the pain of sunburn.

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